Winter Texans

Winter Texans

The best rentals for Galveston Winter visitors


Warm Welcomes from Ryson Real Estate and Vacation Rentals to our Texas and American Snowbirds and Winter Texans!

The best way to get pricing is to call the office at 409-740-1600 

Ryson Real Estate and Vacation Rentals offers “Winter Texan and Texas Snowbird” monthly rentals all over Galveston Island!  Our fully accommodating properties offer a home away from home living (and relaxing) environments for all budgets and family sizes. Monthly rentals are available at the East End and Historic District, Galveston’s West End, and condos along Seawall including (not limited to!) Casa del Mar, The Victorian, The Dawn Condos, and even Diamond Beach Resort!

Galveston Island offers a mild climate during the “winter months” accompanied with easy-living and year-round festivals and activities. Take a stroll along the Galveston Seawall including our nourished beaches with the Galveston Beach 2016 Expansion! Soak up Galveston History by strolling along the Galveston Historic Strand by attending Lone Star Biker Rally, Dickens on the Strand,  Mardi Gras! Galveston, or take a scenic drive and view our Galveston Oak Tree Sculptures. Year round events (and favorites) in Galveston include Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier and Moody Gardens including activities Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens, Golfing in Galveston, and the aquarium! There’s so much to do down on the beautiful coast!


Call Today for Winter Texan Pricing (409) 740-1600

(Monthly bookings can not be placed online, call our office and speak with a vacation planner!)

Casa Del Mar CondosThe Victorian CondosThe Dawn Condos

Pricing at Casa del Mar $1500 – $2000                      Pricing at the Victorian $1500 – $3000                      Pricing at the Dawn $1500 – $3000

Seascape CondosBy the Sea CondosOcean Grove Condos

Pricing at Seascape $1500 – $3000                            Pricing at By the Sea $1500 – $2000                          Pricing at Ocean Grove $1500 – $3000

Emerald by the Sea CondosPalisade Palms CondosMaravilla Condos

Pricing at the Emerald $2000 ~ $3500                       Pricing at Palisade Palms $2000 ~ $3500                  Pricing at Maravilla $1500 – $3000 

Diamond Beach Resort

Pricing at Diamond Beach $2500 ~ $4000


Rates: The monthly rate includes: towels, linens, and utilities (*cap on the electric)!

Deposit: Deposits are refunded 30 days after departure. There is a $500 deposit on condos, and $1000 for houses.

Utilities: There is a $100 cap on 1 bedroom properties, and $200 cap on 2+ bedroom properties.

Cleaning Fee: A cleaning fee is charged per move out upon arrival. Generally, there is only 1 cleaning fee.

Reservation Fee: There is a one-time reservation fee of $35 and a one-time cleaning fee of $75.

Taxes: There is no Hotel Tax collected on reservations over 28 days.

Additional Fees: Some properties collect an extra parking fee such as: The Maravilla, The Victorian, and The Seascapes complexes.

Pets: Our pet-friendly properties accept dogs with a $100 non-refundable fee. There are some breed and weight restrictions.


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