It’s not hard to find the seashore when you’re on the Gulf Coast of Texas; it offers quite a few barrier islands, after all. However, depending on your familiarity with the area, you may be wondering how you can find the best spots to soak up the surroundings. Allow us to introduce you to Surfside Beach and the its neighborhood, proudly one of the Gulf Coast’s least developed and most pleasant beaches. Those who are up to it will find in Surfside an exciting surf complete with long jetties and clean breaks. Board rentals are available.


Though obviously located a short distance from Galveston, Surfside is also easily accessed from both Houston and Austin. While Austin is located around 300 miles to the northeast, or a three-hour drive, Houston is only a short 55-mile journey north. The journey between Galveston and Surfside Beach takes about one hour and brings visitors down the beautiful Coastal Highway.

An Abundance of Character

Surfside Beach is technically a small village in its own right, with around 500 residents. Most of the dwellings in the area are single-family beach homes. Vacation rentals are available. Investing in a vacation home is also an option. Many recreational areas abound in the area including the aforementioned surfing, paragliding, swimming, fishing, and picnicking. Tent rentals and golf cart rentals are also available.

Surfside, TX

Although the beach can sometimes get busy, Surfside Beach remains one of the less developed beaches that is located right outside of Galveston Island, which gives it a charming and even private feel. During weekday hours, it is possible for visitors to be alone on the beach. On weekends, visiting in the early hours is recommended. In selected areas, visitors are permitted to drive their vehicle along the beach, which allows for easy access.

Property Management in Surfside, TX

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Real Estate Sales in Surfside, TX

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