Vacation Rental Agreement - Ryson Vacation Rentals

Guests are Required to Review and Agree to the Following Terms and Conditions:

TERM: This Rental Agreement shall commence at 3:00 pm on {reservations.startdate} and terminates at 10:00 am on {reservations.enddate}. Unfortunately, we’re unable to guarantee early check-in or late check-out requests.

CHECK-IN REQUIREMENTS: Prior to check-in Guest is responsible for providing a completed Rental Agreement with Guest Registration, Vehicle Registration (year, make, model, color and state of license plate), proper government identification and must be paid in full. In turn, Management will provide pertinent information; driving directions to the home, gate codes, trash service schedule, housekeeping tips, check-out process and keys to the Rental Property.

CHECK-IN LOCATION: Check-in location is determined by the specific property rented and handle in one of four ways. A"Check-In Instructions" email will be sent approximately seven days prior to the reservation arrival date. If there are any questions, please contact Ryson Vacation Rentals.

  1. RYSON OFFICE: Guests must check-in at the Ryson office, located at 6702 Stewart Road, Suite 1, Galveston, Texas 77551. Directions: From I-45 South, exit 1A - 61st Street and make a right on 61st Street. Make a right on Stewart Road, half of a mile down, our office is located on the right-hand side of Stewart Road.
  2. ONSITE BY RESORT HOA: Reservations at The Emerald by the Sea, Diamond Beach Resort, The Galvestonian, Islander East Resort, Palisade Palms should check-in directly at the resort front desk.
  3. REMOTE VIA ACCESS CODE: Some properties allow guests to check in directly at the Property, and an access code will be sent via email on the day of check-in and will be activated at approved check-in time (standard check-in time is 3:00 pm).
  4. REMOTE VIA LOCKBOX: Some properties allow guests to check in directly at the Property, and a lockbox code will be sent via email on the day of check-in shortly prior to approved check-in time (standard check-in time is 3:00 pm).

CHECK-IN TIME: Check-in is at 3:00 pm, and staff is unable to release keys until 3:00 pm. If guests arrive to the island prior to approved check-in time, we kindly ask that guests make other arrangements and plan accordingly, as keys are not released and access codes are not active until approved check-in time.

LATE CHECK-IN: Typically, Management is able to accommodate check-ins until 8:00 pm. Check-ins between 8:00 pm to 12:00 am (midnight) may be accommodated for an additional fee. However, after-hours check-in must be scheduled prior to 5 pm. Please call the office in advance to arrange a late check-in and for information regarding additional fees.

CHECK-OUT TIME: Check-out time is 10 am. Overstaying the check-out time of 10:00 am may result in an additional hourly charge.

AGE REQUIREMENT: The contracted Guest must be at least 25 years of age for reservations at all private homes, and at least 21 years of age for most condos. However, some condos also require contracted Guest to be at least 25. Please contact Ryson if there are any questions about minimum rental age for your property.

The contracted Guest must occupy the Rental Property the full Term. Signing and accepting this Rental Agreement is to acknowledge the minimum age of the contracted Guest is at least of the minimum age requirements. If contracted Guest is not of minimum age, this reservation is subject to cancellation and/or eviction with an additional $500.00 fee, no refunds, and loss of deposit.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE: Reservations with an arrival date less than thirty days away, the total cost of the reservation is due at the time of placing a reservation. Reservations with an arrival date over thirty days away, a non-refundable, 50% payment is due to hold the Rental Property. The final payment is due thirty days prior to arrival. The remaining balance will be automatically charged to the credit card on file thirty days prior to arrival. All credit card payments must have the same name and address as the Guest listed on the Rental Agreement.

CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: Cancellations within 24 hours of placing a reservation will receive a refund, minus the reservation fee. Cancellations after 24 hours will result in forfeiture of all monies paid. Refunds are typically processed 10 business days. However, credits may take longer to appear on your credit card account statement, as final processing is determined by your card issuer's policy.

CANCELLATIONS, INTERRUPTIONS AND MANDATORY EVACUATIONS: As a valued guest, we want to do everything possible to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. However, due to circumstances that may cause cancellation or interruption, or in the event of a mandatory evacuation, Management recommends all guests purchase travel insurance to protect their investment.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: RedSky Travel Insurance’s Sun Trip Preserver policy is offered and recommended with every reservation. For more information, please contact RedSky Travel Insurance at 866-889-7409 or review their policy at RedSky Travel Insurance is solely responsible for any reimbursement should there be a cancellation outside of our 24-hour policy that is covered under the Sun Trip Preserver policy.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY: All properties have established Maximum Occupancy limits, as listed in the Rental Agreement. At no time during your Reservation Dates are Guests to exceed the Maximum Occupancy for your Rental Property. Occupancy is defined as the total number of people at the Rental Property at any given time, not only overnight guests. All guests, including daytime visitors, must be registered on your Guest Registration.

If the Maximum Occupancy limit is violated, Guest understands that Guest and all guests may be evicted immediately, and all deposits, monies paid will be forfeited and a $500.00 fee may be assessed to the credit card on file. Guest further agrees to be personally liable for the actions and any damages accrued from everyone in their party during the Reservation Dates.

PARKING: Most houses allow up to four vehicles to be parked at the property, and some houses may not be able to accommodate this maximum. Parking at condos is determined by the space available at the property (typically two-car maximum). Vehicles should be parked in the driveway or designated parking space. At no time should any vehicle be parked on lawns, yards or dune. If bringing multiple vehicles, it is your responsibility to find additional parking, and carpooling is highly recommended. Please review your Rental Property listing or condo community page for additional information about your specific Rental Property, or contact Management with any questions. RVs, campers and trailers are not permitted on the grounds of Rental Property unless approved by Management. Management is not responsible for vehicles while parked at the Rental Property.

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Some of the properties Ryson manages require additional fees for things like parking passes, resort fees, amenity wristbands, etc. When permitted by the community to collect and pay those fees in advance, they are included in the reservation charges. However, some area HOA’s require these fees be paid directly and Ryson is unable to include these costs into our reservation rates. It is highly recommended to review both the specific Rental Property listing and neighborhood or community resort description where the Property is located on the Ryson website in advance. Please contact Ryson with any questions.

PETS AND ANIMALS: Pet-friendly homes welcome dogs only; cats, birds, guinea pigs, reptiles, etc. are not allowed. Animals must be housebroken, well behaved, pest-free, should be attended and under Guest control at all times, must obey city ordinances and be leashed at all times when outside the home. Guest accepts full responsibility for their animals at all times, under all conditions. Prior explicit written approval is required, along with a $100.00 non-refundable pet fee per pet and comfort animals. Due to vacation rentals managed by Ryson being privately owned homes and some owners may have documented animal allergies - pets, comfort and service animals may not be accepted at all Rental Properties.

All pets, comfort animals (emotional support and therapy) and service animals must be registered on Guest Registration. Violators must remove any animal or leave the unit at once with no refunds. Guest may also be charged an additional fee, plus one-night rental charge for loss of income due to downtime. Any damages will be the responsibility of the contracted Guest and charged to the credit card on file.

SMOKING: All properties are non-smoking - smoking is not allowed inside any property at any given time for any reason. In addition, some communities have zero-tolerance for smoking; not only is smoking not allowed inside the property, but smoking is also banned outside the property as well, including balconies, decks and patios. If a property allows smoking outside the home, please shut doors and windows to keep smoke from entering into the home. If there should be any questions, please contact Management for additional details. If smoking is detected inside any Rental Property, a $200.00 fee will be assessed.

PRIVATE HOT TUB AND POOL: Private hot tub, pool and surrounding deck are always at your own risk. Kids and inexperienced swimmers should never be left unattended. Guests should rinse off prior to entering and exiting pools and hot tubs. Pets are not allowed in hot tub or pool.

ELEVATORS AND CARGO LIFTS: This equipment, when provided with explicit permission, is to be used to transport luggage, groceries, elderly and those with limited mobility. Elevators and cargo lifts are not to be tampered with and are not for kids to play with.

Private home elevators may take several days, as there are no local certified technicians. Resort and community elevators are not maintained by Ryson Vacation Rental and are maintenance by the respective homeowner’s association. Although every effort will be made to assist a timely repair, unfortunately, elevator operation cannot be guaranteed.

CABLE, PHONE, INTERNET AND STREAMING SERVICES: As these services can be spotty on the island, if access is important for your stay, it is recommended that guests plan ahead and depend on a personal mobile hotspot. Management does not guarantee or offer refunds due to disruption of cable, phone, internet or streaming services or poor signal quality, even if listed as a provided amenity.

APPLIANCES: There will be no refunds for short-term appliance or mechanical failures. If speed & connectivity are important, we strongly recommend bringing a personal hotspot device. Major malfunctions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

AIR CONDITIONING: The air conditioning system is set at optimum temperatures. Ryson recommends 74 degrees as the optimum cooling temperature for Galveston Island. Please respect the owner by keeping the AC at reasonable temperatures (70 degrees minimum), leaving the thermostat set to "Auto/Fan" and not leaving windows or doors open. Disregarding any of these instructions may result in the freezing of units due to island humidity, which may lead to costly repairs due to the units being off the ground level and additional charges to be billed to credit card on file.

PESTS AND MOSQUITOES: All homes are cleaned after every reservation and receive regular pest control treatments. However, pests and mosquitoes are a reality in coastal regions, and signs of pests do not mean a home has been poorly maintained. If evidence of pests is found, please contact Management. Guests should use repellent with DEET when outside during times of high activity.

CONSTRUCTION: Management is not able to provide a notice of construction occurring near a Rental Property or able to facilitate relocations or refunds, as Management is not privy to area construction schedules.

COMPLAINTS: Any questions or complaints regarding the cleanliness or maintenance of homes must be reported immediately upon arrival or as soon as they occur to Management at 409-740-1600, Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm or to our after-hours emergency line 409-526-8609. Management cannot be held accountable for issues not made aware of and every effort will be made to address as soon as possible.

Guest MUST leave a voice message with a call-back phone number. If no message is left, calls will NOT be returned. Emergency calls (electrical, plumbing or HVAC) will be returned promptly, and calls deemed non-emergency will be returned the following day during business hours.

Please submit a written list and management will review and contact you to address your concerns. Compensation will not be made at time of check-out.

ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE: A non-refundable Accidental Damage fee will be charged at the time of reservation. The non-refundable fee is for the protection of the guest. Accidental Damage must be reported before check-out. Any damage deemed by Management not to be accidental, caused by a pet and/or in excess of $1,500.00, will be charged to the credit card on file.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Guest acknowledges it is their responsibility to provide a copy of the Rental Agreement and Terms and Conditions to all guests who will be occupying the Rental Property. The Guest acknowledges that the conduct, behavior and actions of all guests occupying or visiting the Rental Property are the sole responsibility of the contracted Guest.

We respectfully ask that all guests keep in mind a few good housekeeping tips:

  • Filling the refrigerator with warm food and/or drinks may cause the refrigerator to overwork and not cool properly.
    It is normal for the refrigerator to take up to 24 hours to cool.
  • Seafood and meat should be properly wrapped when placed in refrigerator.
  • Gas/charcoal grills must remain on the ground level - only electric grills are allowed on balconies.
    Gas/charcoal grills may be used on ground level, in areas away from buildings and structures.
    Grills should be cleaned by prior to your departure or a $50.00 fee will be charged.
  • Indoor furniture is not allowed to be moved to the balcony or outside.
  • Hanging towels or other items from the balcony is prohibited. Patios and balconies are to be kept neat and clean at all times.
  • Provided bath towels should not be taken to the beach or used to clean and wipe up spills.
    Stained or ruined towels will be charged to the credit card on file.
  • When returning to the home, please shake/rinse off excess sand.
  • Guests are not to remove any items from the home. Homes are carefully inspected upon your departure.
    Anything missing from the home will be charged to the credit card on file; this includes linens, silverware, glasses, décor, etc.
  • Firearms of any kind are not permitted Ryson vacation homes.
  • Air conditioning system - thermostat is set at an optimum temperature prior to your arrival.
    Leave AC unit on Auto/Fan at all times.
    Do not lower AC to under 70°. Settings temperatures below this temperature may cause condensation and freezing of AC units.

Helpful suggestions on what to bring to make your stay go smoothly:

  • Ryson provides two rolls of tissue paper for each bathroom and one roll of paper towels for the kitchen, but paper products are not replenished
  • Extra bath towels and beach towels for the beach and pool
  • Extra trash bags, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, toiletries, dishwashing soap and detergent
  • Coffee, filters, ice, plastic bags, aluminum foil, oil, spices, seasonings and condiments
  • Guests are responsible for supplying charcoal/propane for grilling
  • Additional suggested items may be reviewed with Ryson’s “Packing List"


The most enjoyable vacations are those that are worry-free, and we want you to have a wonderful time during your vacation on Galveston Island. At the same time, Ryson Vacation Rentals is serious about maintaining a peaceful family atmosphere for your enjoyment, as well as the enjoyment of neighbors. All of our rental properties are patrolled regularly by our off-duty peace officers. Violation of any of these policies will result in eviction and forfeiture of all monies paid. Ryson Vacation Rentals is committed to informing guests about local laws and subdivision rules, as many of the items are legally enforceable and subject to criminal prosecution.

During your stay, if you have any questions or need assistance regarding your Rental Property, please call our office at 409-740-1600. For after-hours assistance, call 409-526-8609. For emergencies, call 911, or to reach GARM peace officers, call GARM Security at 409-682-3603.

All guests agree to abide by these subdivision, city and state laws:
  • The leaseholder must be of minimum rental age and must be an occupant during the entire stay.
  • Property maximum occupancy will not be exceeded.
  • Loud music and noise are prohibited. City noise ordinance is enforced between 10 pm to 7 am.
  • All cars and guests will be registered with the rental office at check-in, and all cars will be parked in the driveway.
  • Cars will not be parked on lawns or in a neighbor’s driveway. Vehicles will not be driven or parked anywhere not allowed, and vehicular traffic will not be impeded at any time.
  • Posted street signage (speed limits, parking) will be obeyed.
  • Motor homes, campers, trailers and tents are prohibited and may not be parked or hooked up at rental homes.
  • Only people with a valid driver’s license may operate a golf cart. Police will issue tickets.
  • None street-licensed vehicles (4-wheelers, go-carts, dirt bikes, scooters, ATVs, etc.) are not permitted anywhere on Galveston Island.
  • All properties are non-smoking; smoking is not allowed inside any property.
  • Smokers will smoke outside and dispose of butts properly.
  • Grilling on decks is strictly prohibited; it is a fire hazard.
  • Help keep Galveston clean - trash will be put in securely tied plastic bags and placed in the city trash bins provided.
  • Only registered pets are allowed in pre-approved rental homes for a fee that must be paid in advance.
  • Leash laws must be obeyed at all times.
  • Horses are not permitted at rental properties.
  • While boating, “No Wake” rules in the canals will be obeyed.
  • At canal properties, fishing lights must be turned off when not in use.
  • Fish will be cleaned where caught. The remains will be carefully wrapped in plastic bags and placed in outdoor trash bins.
  • In the case of a mandatory evacuation, Guests agree to evacuate homes as per City of Galveston orders.
  • In the case of evacuation, the decision to re-enter the house is solely that of the Management.
  • The dunes are off-limits at all times - walking, digging, standing or driving on dunes is never allowed.
  • Dune crossovers or beach access points will be used to get to the beach. Fines range up to $10,000.
  • Seaweed cannot be relocated without a permit. However, clearing a pathway to the water with a hand rake is allowed.
  • Open fires and fireworks are prohibited everywhere on Galveston Island, including the beaches.
  • Driving is allowed on certain beaches. Please obey the posted signs.
  • Glass containers are not allowed on Galveston beaches.
  • All trash must be removed from the beach or placed in city trash bins.
  • Please make the most of your vacation by taking the same precautions that you do at home; keep your vacation home and vehicles locked at all times and safeguard your keys.

MAINTENACE: Management cannot guarantee the operation of all equipment, utilities and appliances. Every effort is made to keep homes in good working order and to handle necessary repairs quickly. An after-hours contact phone number is provided at check-into to report emergency maintenance issues should they arise. With reasonable notice, authorized agents, employees or contractors may enter the Rental Property, in order to repair, and no discounts or refunds will be given in these cases.

USER ERROR SERVICE CALLS: Office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. If a problem is reported and the responding servicer finds no problem (user error), Guest may be billed for service.

LOCK-OUT/LOST KEY: If Rental Property key(s) are not returned or a guest is locked out, Guest may be charged $35.00 per incident. Report lost keys or lock-out to the office at 409-740-1600 or to the after-hours emergency phone number at 409-526-8609.

TRASH: All trash must be removed from the Rental Property and placed in the city trash bins on the ground level at houses or in proper receptacles or chute at condos. At no time shall trash be set by the front door of the Rental Property. All trash must be bagged in plastic with secure trash ties. Trash lids must be securely placed on bins in order to keep wildlife at bay.

EXCESSIVE CLEANING: Excessive cleaning fee will be charged for trash in the unit, food left in the refrigerator or item (linens, rugs, oven) requiring special cleaning. Bath towels should not be used to clean up any spills or to clean the property. Management will charge for any towels or linens that are stained or ruined. Any damage charges for excessive cleaning or damage to furnishing, appliances, plumbing, etc., due to the negligence of guest will be billed to the credit card on file. Management will notify Guest of the charged amount and photos upon request.

LOST AND FOUND: Guests should collect all belongings prior to departure. Should an item be left, Management will hold item(s) for two weeks. If it's necessary to ship the item(s) in order to be returned, a fee of $35.00 plus the cost of shipping will apply.

TRESPASSING: At no time should any guest trespass onto neighboring property; including but not limited to decks, docks, piers, boat slips, boathouses, bulkheads, canal ladder, hot tubs, pools, etc. Trespassing may lead to immediate eviction and forfeiture of all monies paid.

DISTURBANCES: Ryson vacation homes are under 24-hour patrol; Compliance Service will be checking for excessive cars, violations of Maximum Occupancy, underage drinking, noise and general disturbances. All of our vacation rentals are in neighborhoods with Home Owner Associations, full-time residents, and/or other renters. Please be courteous of others around you, and refrain from excessive partying, noise and gatherings. The City of Galveston has a curfew ordinance. We ask that guests follow these guidelines; guests 16 and under are to be indoors by 10:00 pm and guests ages 16 and 17 are to be indoors by midnight.

House parties, disorderly/offensive conduct or any conduct annoying or disturbing to other residents and neighbors will not be tolerated. Management reserves the right for immediate access to the home if any rules or stipulations appear to be infringed. Ryson Vacation Rentals has zero-tolerance for underage drinking. ANY VIOLATIONS WILL CAUSE IMMEDIATE EVICTION OF ALL GUESTS; NO REFUNDS OR DEPOSITS WILL BE RETURNED - NO EXCEPTIONS. Guests will forfeit any remaining time at the Rental Property and an eviction charge of $500.00 will be charged to the credit card on file.

To help ensure our guests and community neighbors have a quiet and peaceful stay, some vacation rental homes take advantage of privacy-safe, noise-monitoring technology. These devices monitor for excessive noise volume levels only and do not record types of sound or conversations.

COMPLIANCE SERVICE: If the Compliance staffer finds it necessary, they will come to the home to follow up and investigate issues further. Compliance staff warning that ranges between 10-15 minutes for a quick and compliant conversation is a courtesy. Should the staffer be required to spend more than 15 minutes, the charge will be $100.00 per hour in addition to any other penalties and fees. All fees will be charged to the credit card on file.

Should underage drinking be found, the Compliance staffer will immediately clear the Rental Property, calling either parents or police to ensure the safety of the occupants. Adults listed on the Guest Registration will be responsible for the safe transportation of the youth. If that is not possible, the parents or the Galveston Police will be called to handle. Management is not responsible for people of any age driving while under the influence.

EVENTS / YOUTH GROUP / GRADUATIONS / PROM RENTALS: Ryson Vacation Rentals allows prom, student-gatherings and youth group reservations with strictly enforced provisions by Ryson and the Galveston Association of Rental Managers (patrolled by Galveston Police Officers). To ensure the safety of our renters and respect of our neighbors, our homes are patrolled by these officers and Ryson staff.

For all reservations, a $600.00 refundable deposit is required and will be processed in accordance with the reservation payment terms and/or before the reservation begins. If there are no damages that have occurred to the property, the deposit will be refunded within 7 days of departure. If any renter is attending prom the reservation requires a deposit.

There must be one chaperon per every four guests not of minimum rental age. Chaperon is identified as someone over the age of 25 for houses and 21 for most condos. Non-renter is identified as someone 24 years of age and under for houses and 20 years of age and under for most condos.

Maximum Occupancy shall not be exceeded at any time during the reservation dates, parking restrictions must be abided by at all times, and all vehicle information is to be registered with the front desk upon check-in. The contracted Guest must be over the age of 25, sign the rental agreement, provide the completed Guest Registration, pick-up the keys by 5 pm on the day of arrival – NO EXCEPTIONS.

SECURITY DEPOSITS: At any time, at the broker's discretion, a security deposit may be required. If a security deposit is required, it will be processed on the same credit card used to pay for the reservation. If a security deposit has not been added to a reservation, the leaseholder is still liable for damages to the home. By signing the Rental Agreement, Guest acknowledges that the credit card on file will be charged if any guests cause damage to the property during your stay.

Security deposit refunds will be processed and credited back to the credit card on file within 10 business days of departure. A receipt for the refund will be provided via email. Please note, that depending on specific credit card policies, refunds may take up to 30 days to appear on statements.

PROPERTY AMENITIES: All homes are privately owned and furnished by the homeowner according to their personal preferences. Management makes every effort to accurately portray all Rental Properties and amenities. However, homeowners and communities may make changes from time to time, that may not be reflected in photos and descriptions. From time to time, property and community amenities may not be available or as advertised or obstructed, due to forces beyond Management's control; maintenance, cleaning, construction, view, etc. Such instances will not result in a refund. Homes are furnished for typical us. For suggested items to bring, please review Ryson's suggested "Packing List." Please contact Management with any questions about what is provided.

RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT: Guest acknowledges that Rental Property homeowner may leave boats, trailers, golf carts, kayaks or other recreational equipment, hereinafter referred to as "Equipment" on the premises. Canal homes may commonly have boats located in boat life. Unless Management explicitly agreed between Guest and Management, with the consent of the Owner, Guest acknowledges that boat lifes shall be unavailable for Guest use. Guest agrees that any such Equipment is to be left in as-in condition and should not be utilized, touched, moved, modified, or relocated for any reason, at any time. Any damages to Equipment caused by Guest shall be the sole responsibility of the Guest.

OWNER CLOSET AND GARAGES: Many Rental Properties contain closets and/or garages that remain in use by Owners, and will be unavailable for Guest use. Signs of tampering will result in additional charges and applied to the credit card on file.

SUBSTITUTION: Due to the complicated nature of vacation rentals and each unit being unique, Ryson Vacation Rentals reserves the right to cancel a contract anytime if an agreeable/like unit cannot be found as a replacement due to the sale of the home, the home being removed from Management’s vacation rental program, damage making the home uninhabitable, extraordinary circumstances or circumstances beyond Management’s control. If an acceptable substitution is agreed upon by both parties, replacement property’s rates will vary, as all homes all individually owned.

HAND OVER: Renter shall deliver possession of home in good order and repair to Management upon termination or expiration of this agreement. Furniture and fixtures must be returned to their original position.

SUBLET: Renter may not sublet residence or assign this rental agreement without written consent of Management.

FIRE AND CASUALTY: If residence becomes uninhabitable by reason of fire, explosion, or by other casualty, Management may, at its option, terminate rental agreement or repair damages.

RIGHT OF ACCESS: Management shall have the right of access to rental for repair and maintenance during reasonable hours. In the event of an emergency, Management may enter at any time to protect life and prevent damage to the property.

USE: Rental shall be used as to comply with state, county, and municipal laws and ordinances. Renter shall not use rental or permit it to be used for any disorderly or unlawful purpose or in any manner as to interfere with other resident’s quiet enjoyment of their residence. Any misuse described above shall result in termination of Rental Agreement and no refund of any payments will be issued. Quiet hours, between 10 pm and 7 am must be respected.

INDEMNIFICATION: The Management, on behalf of the Owner, has taken reasonable steps to ensure an accurate description of the Rental Property and its condition; notwithstanding the foregoing, use of the Rental Property may not be suitable for all guests. Guests agree to hold the Owner and Management harmless from any and all claims, suits, actions or other liability, in connection with any bodily injuries or death arising from the condition of the house, including any negligence or willful disregard of Owner or Management in the specific maintenance or condition of the Rental Property. Guest explicitly waives any obligation or duty of Owner or Management to undertake specific modifications to the Rental Property prior to occupancy by the Guest. Guests agree to indemnify and hold the Owner and Management harmless from any and all claims, suits, actions or other liability in connection with any bodily injuries, death, property damage and/or property loss incurred on the Rental Property arising out of the guest’s negligent, willful or intentional conduct of the guests.

Guests agree that any violation of this agreement or other reckless or intentional misconduct may result in damage to the Rental Property or costs incurred by the Owner or Management. Guest agrees to reimburse Owner for any reasonable damage caused by their actions. In the event of a breach of this Rental Agreement or the occurrence of damage to the property, Guest agrees that the Owner and Management shall have the right, in addition to any other remedy available at law, to seek immediate relief, with or without proof of specific damages including but not limited to actual damages and lost revenues. It is agreed and understood that Guest shall reimburse Owner or Management for all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, if a claim is successfully brought against the Guest under this Rental Agreement.

For the purpose of this provision, it is agreed and understood that the term Guest shall explicitly include the Guest party to this Rental Agreement together with any of the guests itemized hereinbelow or any other person who occupies or otherwise comes onto the property at the invitation of the Guest. For the purpose of this provision, it is agreed and understood the Owner is an express third-party beneficiary of this Rental Agreement. This provision shall survive the termination of this Rental Agreement.

GOVERNING LAW AND VENUE: The terms of the Rental Agreement will be governed under the laws of the State of Texas. Venue for any legal proceedings under this agreement shall occur in Galveston County, Texas. All parties to the Rental Agreement waive their right to a trial by jury in any action arising from a dispute between them relating to the Rental Agreement.


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