Kahala Beach

Kahala Beach

Kahala Beach is a more upscale community centrally located on Galveston’s West End. Just after Indian Beach you’ll find Kahala Beach and Kahala Beach Estates. The community is made up of two rows, so you know the views will be outstanding. Oversized homes, luxurious amenities and prime beachfront property are what you can expect when vacationing here.

Spend your days lounging at the beach, soaking up the sun and get lost in the pure bliss this location provides. Visit Jamaica Beach for some more fun in the sun or beach volleyball.

While you’re on the West End try some of the fun things to do like: Moody Gardens IMAX, ride the Colonel Paddlewheel Boat or grab lunch at Café Michael Burger (recently reopened.)

If you want to see the other side of the island, there’s plenty to do but first take Port Bolivar Ferry across and explore a whole new side to Galveston. While you’re there visit the lighthouse and all the hidden beaches. On your way back over stop by Sea Wolf Park and tour an actual Battleship and submarine. Sea Wolf Park has some great fishing piers too and provides a 360 degree sunset view.

If you have a sweet tooth and it’s not too late in the day, stop by ShyKatz for some of the best homemade cake and sweets you’ll ever sample. If candy is more your pleasure don’t forget La King’s Confectionery, a soda shop from 1920 still churning out old fashioned candies. If you’re lucky you may catch a candy making show.

After all of that you’ll want to head back to Kahala Beach for a restful night’s sleep or enjoy a midnight snack under the moon on one of the oversized decks of your beachfront getaway. You’re sure to enjoy the gentle breeze of the evening winds as you soak up the peaceful surroundings Kahala Beach provides.

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