Ghost Tours

GhostsCheck out Galveston’s Ghost Tours!

The Strand is a historical district at the heart of downtown Galveston and is known for its rich history and haunting past.   Dash Beardsley’s Original Ghost Tour on the Strand is Galveston’s most popular ghost tour and the tour that started it all for Ghost Tours of Galveston Island.  

The Restless Ghost Tour for the older crowds ( rated PG–13 )has a bit of a darker feel than the Original Ghost Tour on the Strand and does include some unsavory stories and subject matter!    

There is also a Cemetery Tour… Feel the chills creep upon you as you walk among the headstones and mausoleums of the very people you are hearing about. Enjoy the beautiful grounds and the peaceful solitude of the cemetery as we uncover the hidden secrets of the dead!    

Dash Beardsley’s Jack the Ripper Mystery Island Tour by Tram takes guests on a mysterious adventure through the historic streets of Galveston.   Guests will visit areas of the island notorious for their mystique, intrigue, and chilling stories from the past while taking a relaxing ride on a tram.   This thought-provoking tour will reveal answers to a number of mysteries of Galveston Island, which have remained ghostly secrets of the past—until now!

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