Ghost Tours of Galveston Island

As the end of October draws close, even traveling vacationers’ minds start to turn to thoughts of candy, costumes, and haunted houses. Halloween and all its spooktacular glory is almost here! No matter our age, the thrill of this particular holiday never fails to bring a smile to our faces—the problem is that it ends too soon! Before we have really finished being scared, the cobwebs and skeletons have disappeared from the stores, with red and green decorations taking their places. But what if we told you there was a way to scare yourself at any time of the year?

Ghost Tours of Galveston Island offers the opportunity to hear the stories and possibly confront those who walk amongst us but can’t be seen. Open year round and conducted by Galveston’s top paranormal expert, you may never fall for the tame ghostly antics in Halloween haunted houses ever again after encountering the real thing!

Encounter the Paranormal If You Dare

We’ve talked about the rich history of Galveston Island many times in the past, but its one thing reading about it and a whole other thing being able to experience it live! Offering a variety of authentic and oddly fascinating ghost tours, Dash Beardsley never fails to cause the hairs on the back of your neck to rise.

It all began with the Original Ghost Tour on the Strand back in 1999. Walking through Galveston’s busiest streets, you’ll learn the history of our oceanside town and some of its more haunted secrets. Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.

The Restless Spirits Tour is darker and more frightening to younger children as it delves even deeper into the spirit world. From there, he offers a Secret Society Cemetery Tour through the Old City Cemetery and a Jack the Ripper Mystery Island Tour. Were you aware that there are suspicions that the infamous serial killer actually brought his “handiwork” to Galveston Island?

There’s no end to the fascinating stories you’ll hear on any of these tours. With prices starting at $15 per person and topping out at $20, this spooky activity won’t break the vacation budget! Beardsley also conducts Ghost Hunts at different times of the year, and for $40 a person you can join in the fun yourself—if you dare! Contact or call 409-356-9266 to book a tour.

No Ghosts Here!

There’s no safer feeling than when you see the lights you left on in your beach rental after a long night of exploring the scarier side of Galveston! Reserve your Galveston beach house for rent; we don’t mind if you sleep with the lights on!