Cool Treats to Beat the Summer Heat in Your Journey to Galveston

Summer weather in Galveston can be as unpredictable as our Texas residents, but that’s ok; it’s just part of the charm of our Gulf front city! Never getting too cold and rarely reaching unbearable degrees of heat, you’ll discover the beauty and wonder will make you forget everything else! And in summer, when the sun is high above the landscape, following this guide to our favorite cool treats will help you beat the summer heat during your unforgettable journey to Galveston.

Cool Off from the Inside Out

A cold and sweet ice cream cone enjoyed on a summer day makes us feel as if we will never have to grow up—as well as having the added benefit of cooling us off from the inside out! When the craving for ice cream hits in Galveston, one of the most popular spots in town is La King’s Confectionary, located at 2323 Strand St. They offer much more than ice cream though; this local shop is a throwback to old fashioned candy and soda shops of days gone by! You’re sure to find something to sate your sweet tooth at La King’s.

Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston, 2026 Lockheed Road

Here’s a little tidbit of information that you may not have heard before: The name Schlitterbahn comes from two German words meaning slippery and road! Offering a fun way to stay cool and featuring everything from daredevil slides to lazy rivers to kids’ zones that are just right for your pint-sized travel companions, guests of all ages will enjoy spending a day at this super-sized waterpark! As an added bonus, Ryson guests will receive a FREE ticket to Schlitterbahn, and our concierge service can provide additional discounted tickets as well.

Seas the Day!

No, we didn’t make a spelling error; this is just our cute way of helping you to stay cool with a suggestion to head to the beach! Feeling the sand between our toes and the salty Gulf breezes kissing our is the best way we know when it’s time to chill out as we hang out! When the mercury begins to rise, throw on a swimsuit and some flipflops and head for the seawall—you’ll know what to do from there! Add some extra comfort to your beach day by taking advantage of the Summer Beach Package from our concierge; it features four beach chairs, a canopy and a cooler for your drinks!

Forget the Love Shack, We’re All About the Rum Shack!

Located at 3204 Seawall Boulevard and offering the sweet taste of summer in a glass, the specialty cocktails served at the Rum Shack will cool the most fevered of brows! Just remember, the Hurricanes pack a punch, the Rum Punch isn’t a drink to be taken lightly, and those beachside views will make you more than a bit lightheaded. Sign up for rideshare so as to be safe coming and going!

The Cool Comfort of Your Journey to Galveston

The coolest place to be on a sultry summer day during a journey to Galveston? Lazing around in the comfort of your Ryson Vacation Rentals summer escape, of course! Reserve your Galveston beach house for rent and be the coolest family in town!


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